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Who we are:

The Hambuds are a group of amateur (a.k.a. 'ham') radio enthusiasts mostly hailing from the Cedar Park and Leander areas in the great state of Texas. The Hambuds have a long history of Saturday morning breakfast meetings (Currently at J&J's BBQ and Burgers) on Saturday mornings at ~7:00am, and yearly participation in the ARRL’s field day. Field day operation is usually done on the call KA5E.

In January 2011, the group decided to officially become a club for the purpose of ensuring continued frequency allocations of the club’s repeaters and to formally pool money to pay for power and maintenance to the club repeaters as needed.

What we do:

We eat breakfast, talk about and explore the great hobby of amateur radio. There are people in the club that cover a broad spectrum of possibilities that the hobby provides. We have people that make radios all the way down to the people that break radios. The best way to find out what’s going on is to come to breakfast! If you can’t do that, contact us on Echolink node # 4735. If you can’t do that, at least join the forum.

How to join:

Membership is not required to come to breakfast. A valid technician level or higher license from the FCC is required to use the club repeaters. Need help with that? Click here. If you want a say in how the club spends its resources, you need to join and pay your yearly dues. Click here to download an application with instructions. Again, the Hambuds would like to stress that joining the club is in no way a requirement. All who are interested in amateur radio are encouraged to come and participate.

More information:

More information about the club is available in the forums. Click here to go there.


Current roster of club members and officers: (under construction)

Membership Application: (under construction)

Constitution: (under construction)

Questions or comments send an email.

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